Project Kepler Team

Core Team

Members of our team have worked on various projects with Playstation, Universal Studios, worked with VISA on their blockchain integration development as well as been a part of the initial Cardano Wallet team. We’ve executed 17 web3 brand GTM plans and have for years worked with various music artists, creators, talent management and marketing agencies.

Managing and growing international teams, event and beauty EXPO staging from 13 y.o. In 3 years of digital marketing consulted over 10 national industry-ccc companies, 29 others.

Toms Cernavskis

Day trader, researcher and crypto portfolio manager for 4 years. The Project Kepler visionary and track record in 6 figure e-commerce brand founding. Member at YPO, YNG, other global brand executive networks.

Urav Shah

Ex-CTO at @CoolCats. Tech. development of 30+ web3 & AI projects at Borderless Blockchain Alliance. Ex-Volvo blockchain lead in carbon tracking. Joint ventures with Kenneth Cron.

Lamar Eitow

5+ years in virality marketing for music labels, artists, 17 NFT brands GTM launched. A-List celebrity & Web 3 influencer connections. Notable music clients: Yung Gravy, Flo Milli, Tai Verdes, etc.

Nick Keller

Ex-Full stack dev at CoolCats, over 6 years in blockchain, with >20 web3 products built, 14 years in product development including: AI & ML survey tools, work tools, web extensions, mobile apps.

Eric Lee
Product Lead


We’re working together with Binance, Ex-Coinbase & ( marketing lead, founders of a successful web3 projects as well as an ex national executive role holders at fortune 100 companies like Nike, Sony and Walmart.

Partner at Binance, Co-founder at, Coinbase Ex-CMO, Ex-Google, Co-Founder at, and Forbes 30 U 30.

Joachim Lécrivain
Partner at Binance

CEO and Founder at a AAA P2E game with over 550K community members. A successful crypto investor and consultant in various business sectors.

Mind Markevicius

Experienced Web3 Founder & CEO driving $10Ms of revenue and investment with strategic partners like Polygon, Comcast, Brooklyn Nets, etc.

Matt Bailey
CEO @ GameOn

25+ years of experience in marketing and business development. Web 3 consultancy founder. Held national executive roles at fortune 100 companies like Nike, Sony and Walmart.

Akash Agarwal
CEO @ Metawrkx